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Screen time and your kid : What you should know as parents

by TBA Courses on Oct 21, 2022

Screen time and your kid : What you should know as parents

In today’s techno-savvy world, parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend on electronic devices. Even though technology can be empowering for kids, parents need to set limits and guide their kids to maintain a balance in life and let them focus equally in every aspect of their lives because the impact of spending a lot of time on electronic devices can be harmful.

The impact:

Using electronic devices restricts real-life interactions that will make your kids anti-social. Spending a lot of time on mobile phones and other devices will give them less time to play outdoors and hence impact their behavior in a society and this is the issue which should bother us because we’re a part of society and we’ve to develop it!


Excessive usage of electronic devices leads to lack of physical activities which can cause obesity. By increasing screen time, kids develop a sedentary lifestyle and that causes weight problems. Too much screen time can also cause strain in the eyes leading to vision problems and can even lead to sleep deprivation.|


Excessive screen time can affect the mental health of your kids. It can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness because of less physical activities and less social interaction. It can even cause self esteem issues in the kids because then kids start worrying more about their virtual self image than their real self image.

The impact of screen time on kids is harmful in many ways and this is why you should educate yourselves as parents and know how much is too much- to tackle the problem.

What should you do as parents?

Discover creative ways to use the screen with your child
You can play an educational game or watch something age friendly with your kids. This will make them understand that all of this is important and even you are involved in their activities!

Educate yourselves on electronics and technologies
Before you set up some rules for your kids on usage of electronic devices, you need to know the reason behind them! So, stay updated and know how everything works.

Set a good example with your own safe and healthy screen habits
If you want your kids to limit their screen time, then you must do that too! Create a healthy environment and set a good example for your kids. Kids learn from their parents and therefore it is important you keep an eye on your habits too!

Teach children about online privacy and safety
Teaching your kids the impact of screen time in fun ways can make them alert! Tell them the benefits and the drawbacks, educate them with privacy and safety and what is appropriate and what is not.

How to limit your child’s screen time?

Create technology free zones
Create zones at your house where mobile phones and other electronic devices are not at all allowed. This will promote “family-time” and let your kid have a conversation with you!

Explain why you’re limiting screen time
If you are limiting screen time for your kids, make them understand the reason behind that. This will ensure clarity in their mind before questioning anything and they will understand the situation better!

Encourage other activities
Encourage your kids to go outdoors and get involved in activities that do not require screens. It can be as simple as reading books or drawing and painting or playing some sport. Bird watching and taking them closer to nature can also be a fun activity.

Keep your child’s bedroom screen free
If you keep your child’s bedroom screen-free, they will just spend their time by themselves or get enough sleep in their room. By keeping their room device-free, it’ll also be beneficial for you as a parent because then you’ll not have to keep a check on what your kids do with the devices when they are alone and they’ll not use devices late during the night.

Teach them to value family time
Initiate healthy conversations and teach your kids to value family time. By doing this, they’ll be interested in initiating daily conversations and can even improve social and communication skills! This will also make you understand what your kids feel and what they exactly want.

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