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Children and Pets

by TBA Courses on Nov 15, 2022

Children and Pets

We say pets are man's best friend and these canine companions teach a lot to your kids. Pets help with the health and development of your kids and teach them a lot of life lessons. They literally become an important part of their life.

How is it helpful in their physical development?

- Less risk of developing common allergies and asthma.
Studies have shown that kids who lived with pets, especially dogs, had a better immune system than those who didn't. Results have also shown that kids who live with pets can more easily fight off infections than those who do not live with pets.

Helps lower blood pressure.
Playing with pets and having them by your kid’s side reduces their anxiety and thus helps lower the blood pressure by keeping them calm.

- Kids with pets get outside more - to go for walks, run and play.
Kids love playing with their pets and hence spend more time outside in the real world! This reduces their screen time and engages them in other activities.

How is it helpful in their emotional development?

- Feeding and caring for a pet encourages childhood responsibility.
Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility and little things like feeding them and taking them for a walk teach them responsibility and make them ready for the world ahead.

- It teaches them the circle of life.
Having pets around teaches your kids a lot of life lessons. They help them deal with the challenging times that might occur in your kid’s life. Sharing, caring, being responsible all of these become your kid’s habit when they spend their time with pets.

- It reduces loneliness
Pets and kids become friends because your kids will have someone by their side to share their thoughts and feelings without judgment! This reduces loneliness and helps in your kid’s social development.

- It helps in family bonding
Pets are someone who bring the entire family closer! From their pampering sessions, to walks, to a day out with them, pets are really fun and make everyone enjoy each other’s company.

- Teaches them to be compassionate.
Pets, especially dogs and compassionate and can easily sense if something’s wrong around them. This can help in a kid's development and teach them compassion towards others. With this, kids learn to give support to the people around them.

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