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How to deal with your kids if they are picky eaters

by TBA Courses on Oct 21, 2022

How	to deal with	your	kids	if	they	are	picky	eaters

Is your child refusing to eat anything? Or is your toddler just busy playing rather than focusing on eating? Well, you are not the only parents who go through this, it is the story of every house! But how do you understand that your kid is not eating enough and how to handle it? Let’s find it out!

Understanding the signs

You can easily figure out when your child loses interest in eating. Your kid might spit the food out or might push away the spoon. There are multiple reasons for your child to be a picky eater, maybe they don’t enjoy a specific food item, or something’s wrong with their digestive system or they are full or they just have some allergy. As long as their growth is normal, you shouldn't be worrying about them being picky eaters. But if you are worried about your child, you should take them to a pediatrician and if you feel that you can handle it on your own, the following tips are for you !

Handling picky eaters, easy tips for parents to follow.

● Know that it is a part of their development
Picky eating is a part of normal development in children. It’s the age when they explore, they get to know about their likes and dislikes. So, choosing one food over the other or refusing to eat particular foods is normal behavior unless your kid refuses to eat any type of food.
● Stick to the routine
When it comes to serving meals an snacks, stick to a routine and serve them at the same time everyday. This will make sure that it becomes a habit and is now a part of their schedule. This will also give you an opportunity to serve them nutritious food since it has now become their habit to have some food at that particular time!

● Make it fun and creative
Serve a variety of different colored foods. Offer them different shapes and sizes by cutting the food using a cookie cutter. Make the food colorful, kids enjoy foods that look interesting.

● Minimize distractions
Keep the gadgets away while having food and make food the focus of mealtime. Turn off the television and spend some great quality time on the dining table.

● Try not to bribe

Don’t offer them a reward for having the food they didn’t want to have in the first place. This will become a habit and might even lead to extra food intake or they’ll have extra junk. Instead decide a day and offer such food/desserts on that particular day only.


 Involve kids in meal planning

Let your kids be active participants in meal planning. They pick what goes into the dish, or sometimes you make their favorite dish. All of this makes your child understand that they too are part of meal planning and gives them a sense of responsibility, this way, they also feel like it's an interesting activity.

● Stick to the rotation rule

Do not offer your kids the same food two days in a row. Keep changing it and try out different recipes. Include different ingredients in your food and watch your kids enjoy their food !

● Do not force, instead take it slow

Be patient and respect your child’s appetite. Start with small portions and slowly increase the portion size. Do not force them to eat, instead encourage them by explaining to them why they should have it.

If you think that picky eating is becoming a problem for your child and is coming in the middle of their growth, then consult your child’s doctor. Keep a record of what your kid likes, the type of food they eat and include the ingredients in another dish by including their favorite ingredients. Then you can slowly introduce them to other foods ! Just make sure you give them healthy food and maintain a balance.

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