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Trend forecasting for kids Spring/Summer 2021

by IT Support on Feb 02, 2021

Trend forecasting for kids

Trend forecasting for kids

Kids lifestyle trends are stealing the spotlight in 2021, while children are small, their demands are enormous! Looking back at 2020, we can clearly see how young parents opt for everything sustainable. May it be clothes or even their kid’s room decor! When staying home in 2020 was the biggest task, a few people made the best out of it! As home became kid’s school and playroom became their classroom, parents created such an environment for their kids so that they could enjoy learning. Young parents came up with creative ideas to create a dream space for their kids! 

Well now, the pandemic continues and so the trend on online shopping has increased ever since! Young Parents are getting to spend lots of time with their kids to buy baby products online. This is helping them understand the needs and wants of their little ones. So, parents too are flowing with the trends 

Here are some kid’s trends that we can’t miss! 

Natural vibes only! 

As mentioned already, people’s ideas about decor are moving towards everything sustainable, young parents are opting for sustainable materials and want their kids to breathe in a clean environment. For creating such an eco-friendly environment, wood, stone and bamboo are some popular materials! It's all about how aesthetic it looks and how responsible you feel! So, even if you want to do something for our environment, remember “Natural Vibes Only”!

The space saving hack/Clever space saving 

We know, we know! You’re excited to know this! Well, when you have a small space and multiple functions, this is the best trend. Be smart parents and just get a high-rise bed for your kid’s room and use the bottom part for storage. You can even just create that space for 

your kid to play or study. It looks cool and it’s extremely clever! And the other benefit is, with this idea, you are saving your kid from being lazy! Yes! Now read this very carefully! They’ll have to walk up to the bed. Also, not to forget the fact that, high rise bed means the study area and sleeping area are just two separate things! 

Who wouldn’t love to incorporate a space saving idea that also saves your kid from unwanted habits!

Trend forecasting for kids

Theme & Dream 

Oh! How’s the idea of transforming your kid's dream into a reality room? Not a bad idea, we are all in for themes these days. Little one’s minds are full of imagination and curiosity! Creating a space for them that will push their thoughts and make learning easy is like a cherry on the top! When kids like to explore, take their room to the space and when just fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns are not enough, setting a little utopia can be great! It’s

just about how creatively you make the use of little ideas in mind to create a room full of dreams!

Trend forecasting for kids

The art of sustainability 

Now taking you a little inside the room, opting for everything organic and sustainable is a smart choice and a good sign towards the future! Fill up your kid’s room with joy and everything organic, like from organic room decor, to storage bags, to organic towel sets, let the sustainability begin from their room!.

Trend forecasting for kids

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