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The Perfect Baby Registry

by IT Support on Apr 01, 2021

The Perfect Baby Registry

Building a baby registry list is overwhelming! Checking out websites & seeing tab after tab after tab of items you have no clue if you need or don’t need. Trying to figure out what baby products to register for and what your baby will actually need/ use its first year of life is challenging. By now you’ve probably discovered that babies require a lot of stuff. If not, let us help. As you prepare for your little one’s arrival, it’s easy to start worrying if you don’t have everything you need. Whether you’re currently adding items to your registry or just want a checklist to make sure that you have everything. This is your basic “if I knew then what I know now” registry.

The Perfect Baby Registry

Before we start, here are a few cardinal Rules for Moms to follow.

Rule #1: BUY only the things you need and not everything you WANT.

Who isn’t excited to get all the cute stuff? But it’s also important to understand that there is a thin line between your needs and wants! And the companies will just make you think that you need it all but you actually do not need it!

Rule #2: If you will need it down the line (6 months or at One year) , register for it. Well, again buy according to your NEEDS! If you need something after your baby turns 1, register for it.

Rule #3: Prioritize things

When in doubt get things that you need for the first 6 months and then take time to figure out the other things later this will just make the entire process just easy for you!

Rule #4: Don’t forget about yourself!

Yes…you will most certainly need things post-baby too. You will be taking care of the baby, so be ready from your side too! The better you feel, the better you’ll be able to take care of your baby!




  1. Swaddle blankets:

Babies feel safe and comfortable when they are all swaddled up! When they are wrapped in swaddle blankets, they are able to sleep easily. So of course, this is the first product you need to have in your list!

The Perfect Baby Registry          

     2. Feeding Essentials (such as electrical breast pump, Nursing Pillow)

Get your feeding essentials to make nursing your baby a lot more convenient! What your baby will need besides sleep is food. So, its also important to figure out the feeding essentials you’ll

The Perfect Baby Registry

   3.Car Seat

car seats provide comfort and safety to the baby! So, to reduce the risk of injuries and provide comfort to them, register for the same.

The Perfect Baby Registry


Strollers just make everything so convenient! They just help you take a peaceful walk with your babies.

The Perfect Baby Registry

5.Baby Clothes

Having separate clothes to clean the mess your babies create are just essential! infact, you always want to see your babies comfortable. So, do not miss out on essentials like Bibs, Onesies, Burp Cloths, Mittens, Booties & Wash Cloths.

The Perfect Baby Registry

6.Baby monitor

When you want to keep an eye on your little munchkin and just be aware of the activities they do, a baby monitor is an ideal product!

The Perfect Baby Registry

7.Crib & Crib Sheets

Every baby needs a safe and warm place to sleep. They need a comfortable place because they are either napping during the day or sleeping peacefully at night. So, basically they spend a lot of time in their crib!

The Perfect Baby Registry

8.Diaper Bag & Diapers

You’ll be changing a lot of diapers when you have a baby and you just cannot run out of them. Remember to store the diapers in a big bag, you won’t regret this, we promise!

The Perfect Baby Registry

9.Feeding Bottle & Portable Bottle Warmer

When the mother goes back to work, feeding bottles come handy! Do not forget the portable bottle warmer, heat the milk as and when they want!

The Perfect Baby Registry

10.Baby Grooming & First aid kit

 Grooming your baby is as important as feeding your baby! Also, covering their first aid essentials in the registry is a smart choice so that you don’t have to rush it after you have your baby. Add things like Thermometer, Nail cutters, bath tub, ointments to your list!

The Perfect Baby Registry


Your little one is a newborn but that doesn’t mean all their stuff has to be new. If your family and friends are willing to give you ‘hand-me-downs’, consider taking them with pride (only if they’re not stained!) Here’s what you can leave off your baby registry list:

1.Wipe warmers:

 Yes, babies don’t really need that, just put them on a soft changing pad while changing the diaper and keep it quick!

2.Fancy bedding:

Instead of getting fancy stuff, concentrate on getting safe and comfortable stuff in the first year!

3.Baby food blender:

Any blender gets the job done, so a separate baby food blender is unnecessary. 

Creating a baby registry is a long and tedious job, but with proper research and a full proof list, you will be able to invest in just the right things.

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