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Over Consumption

by IT Support on Jul 26, 2021

Over Consumption

Over Consumption

How do we teach our kids to enjoy the things they already have instead of just wanting for the next new toy. 

We always want to give the best to our kids! But kids are kids, they always want more and more and if we actually see, it is basic human behavior!  When you buy one organic fitted crib sheet for your baby, you will want more. 

When you buy a new toy for your kids, they will ask for the next one in no time; but as a parent, it is your responsibility to control the overconsumption and teach your kids to enjoy the toys they already own. 

Over Consumption

Why is it necessary for them to understand the importance of enjoying their things.  

 For the environment:

Over Consumption

Overconsumption is basically consumption of goods or services in excess. And when you consume in excess it causes harm to the environment. Overconsumption causes resource depletion which is unhealthy for the environment. So as parents, you have to make your kids understand this because as a whole, this can be a big issue.  

 Can cause stress: 

Over Consumption

Isn’t it true that when you have 100 things to do then you can’t focus on one thing properly? Well, it is! And it can truly become messy. This is what happens with overconsumption too. When you own so many things, for instance, multiple organic fitted crib sheets, you can’t handle all of them together and this can easily cause stress. Overconsumption is like a burden which is not good for anybody’s health, may it be humans or the environment, so let’s move towards minimalism! 

 To make your kids responsible  

(and teach them about social responsibility, sustainability) 

Over Consumption

It is important to increase your child’s contribution towards the environment right from childhood! It’s not just about responsibility, but it is about manners and values. The world is slowly moving towards sustainable living, and you should too! Not only is it beneficial for the environment, it is more like improving life balance. So, start to build a bright future for your tiny tots! 

 How can you do it? 

Over Consumption

As parents, you will want the best for your child. You will buy only organic fitted crib sheets. But, children will always ask for more. Some demands can be easy to handle but it can get out of your hands any time so here are a few things to keep in your mind and control the unnecessary consumption. 

 Try to negotiate and give them a valid reason 

Whenever your child asks for something extra, try to discuss it with them and if you have decided to say ‘no’ then give your kids a valid reason behind it. This will make them think about it in a better way! For example, “we can’t buy this at the moment but we can get it next time we visit this store!” 

 Teach your kids basic manners, teach them sharing 

As they grow, kids learn a lot from their parents and the environment they are in. That is why it is necessary to teach them basic manners because your values will reflect on your kid’s behaviour. Sharing is one of the basic values that your kids need in their lives! For example, when their friends do not have the toy they want, you can suggest the little ones to play together. This is a smart way to tackle the problem of overconsumption! 

 Stand firm on values: 

Your values reflect on your kid’s behaviour so as parents you must stand firm on your values. If you think about the environment and buy organic fitted crib sheets, you will give your children a positive learning atmosphere.This can be beneficial for the future too because your kid will think twice before asking for things in the future! 

 Teach money management  

Money management is one of the most important lessons from the chapter of life skills! Many adults also do not know the importance of money management so isn’t it good to teach your kids about money management and saving from the very beginning and prepare them for the future!? 

 Comparison shopping: 

This concept is overlooked by many people but comparison shopping is something that can be very effective to control yourself and your kids from unnecessary and expensive shopping. After your kid demands something attractive and expensive they see in the shopping mall, make them understand that they can get the same thing for less price too. Teach them to compare! You just have to do this twice or thrice and after that your kids will get used to it! 

 Have one-in, one-out policy: 

This is a smart way to tackle the problem of overconsumption. You can simply tell your kids that if they want to get a new item then they should let go of the old item. This way, you will not mess things up at your home! 

 Choose an alternative and give them options

You can easily distract your kids by giving them alternatives! It can be as basic as cooking their favourite dish together or as exciting as doing DIY! Remember that, it is easy to make your daily life fun! 

 Kids are small but their demands can be enormous but it is parents’ responsibility to give good values to their kids and at the same time, keep them happy!  

If you control the problems like overconsumption from their childhood, give them organic products like organic fitted crib sheets, your kid will always have a minimalist approach in the future too! So, choose wisely and act responsibly.  


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