'Polar Bear’ Organic Baby Blanket
'Polar Bear’ Organic Baby Blanket
'Polar Bear’ Organic Baby Blanket

'Polar Bear’ Organic Baby Blanket

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The Baby Atelier focuses on creating a carefully selected, chemical-free environment that supports the health of children and content parents. Our organic baby blankets are a must- have for all soon-to-be, new and parents of toddlers. The make the most exquisite infant gifts. Our blankets are ideal for a child's sensitive skin because they are made from extraordinarily soft organic cotton. They are perfect for cuddling with your baby or for wrapping or swaddling a baby to keep them warm and satisfied in car seats, pushchairs, cribs, moses baskets, or just for cuddles.

    Details To Note

    • Our softest organic cotton baby blankets are ready to be wrapped around the newest member of your family in two fabrics – print cotton and muslin or flannel.
    • To avoid skin irritation of your newborn's sensitive skin, we use 100% organic fabrics.
    • We avoid chemical dyes, softeners, and harmful processes to keep the new mother and the baby safe.