Fun Ways To Explore The Outdoors With Your Kids This Summer

Summers are here and its time for some fun activities. Here are our Top 5 outdoor activities that you and kids could indulge in.
Connect With Nature

It’s after school or on holidays, a simple walk in the park or a trek in the countryside. Connecting with nature will not only help your kids stay healthy, the bright vibrant colours, smell of fresh air, birds chirping will peek their curiosity and spark their imagination.

Plan A Backyard Movie Night

Invite your kid's friends over for an entertaining movie night under the stars. This will not just ensure the kids are entertained but will also enhance their social skills. 


Volunteer For Social Activities

Community or social service is not always boring,  it can be a great bonding activity. Participating in community or social service is a great way to instill the value of responsibility in kids. Volunteering also helps to inculcate the importance of being a team player and over all ensures our kids grow up to be responsible citizens.  

Plan A Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are super exciting and fun. All the running around will not only ensure that your kids get their daily dose of exercise but the task of finding the treasure by solving the clues will enhance their problem solving skills.


Make Them Take Up A New Hobby

Extra curricular activities is the secret to overall growth in a child. Hobbies will not only keep them occupied but will help in increasing their focus, ability to multitask, create a sense of responsibility and a hunger to learn more.